November 18, 2015

Talent Acquisition

We offer evidence-based methods to help your organization build an effective Recruitment and Selection system to acquire skilled employees for your business objectives.

Job Analysis

Our Job Analysis will provide you with a profile of the best applicant who can fill your needs. The information we provide through our Job Analysis will be vital to virtually all of your Human Resources functions. A thorough Job Analysis will provide many benefits to your organization including an accurate job description, appropriate evaluation of compensation, minimum requirements for the position, and useful material used during candidate evaluation (job simulations, interview questions). This will all prove to be beneficial in attracting and identifying the candidates that best suit your needs.

Competency Modeling

Performance Solutions will create a competency profile to recognize behaviors that are conducive to successful performance in any given work setting. The competencies are unique to each business and organization and closely aligned with each organization’s missions and goals. By guiding an organization’s selection practices, competency modeling can lead to increased productivity, identification and retention of most qualified candidates, and acceptance of organizational values and goals.

Structured Interview Design

Our Structured Interview Design will guide our clients with an interview style that will increase objectivity in the decision-making process. This is done by prompting questions based on Job Analytic results and standardizing the interviewer ratings to make the process more efficient and fair for all candidates.

Compared to an unstructured interview process, a structured interview has much higher levels of reliability, validity, and utility. In fact, unstructured interviews are considered to have very little value when predicting future job performance. Performance Solutions can develop and help implement a structured interview into your selection procedures to improve the overall assessment of all candidates.