Dr. Nelson Roque, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology’s Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology Program. He received his PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Florida State University. Dr. Roque completed a two-year NIA T32 postdoctoral fellowship at Penn State University’s Center for Healthy Aging, training in cognitive aging, psychosocial outcomes, and intensive longitudinal methods. Dr. Roque’s research focuses on the cognitive process of visual attention, particularly, how to reliably measure it, how it relates to individual difference factors (e.g., age, sleep quality, lifetime pollutant exposure), and translating insights from theoretical work in visual attention to applied contexts (e.g. medication errors). His research makes use of mobile assessment methods (i.e., delivery of cognitive assessments online and via mobile devices), and passive sensing of context (e.g., GPS lifespace, naturalistic driving behaviors, and pollutant exposure) to better understand cognition in daily life across the lifespan.


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