October 23, 2019

Work with TRT

You can work with the TRT Program in a number of ways. We offer education and services for hospitality organizations.



Each semester,  the TRT Program hosts a workshop on an issue relevant to the health and safety of hospitality professionals. Attend these free workshops in-person or online to learn about cutting-edge workplace solutions from researchers and industry leaders.



We offer tailored research and intervention services for hospitality organizations at no cost. That means that if your hospitality workplace is dealing with a health or safety issue, we will utilize our research and intervention skills to analyze the need for a solution, develop and implement the solution, and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. Our research focus is well-suited to answer a number of safety and well-being issues, from accidents and injuries, to employee stress or absenteeism.


Support Student Enrichment

Facilitate student immersion in the hospitality industry through job shadowing, practicum experiences, and internship opportunities.


For more questions about the Sunshine Education and Research Center and the Targeted Research Training Program, please contact Dr. Mindy Shoss at targetedresearch@ucf.edu.