Founded in 1994, the Technology and Aging Lab (TAL) is a human factors and cognitive psychology laboratory exploring the motor, perceptual, and cognitive effects of aging on interactions with modern technology across the human lifespan. Our research explores how user experience changes through the years as well as ways to use technology to improve late adulthood.

Using the human factors approach, we seek to understand and improve the relationships people form and maintain with modern technology, especially now that artificial intelligence, smart technologies, and digital interactions are ubiquitous in society. Our research focuses on robotics, artificial intelligence, usability, human performance in virtual environments, and the development of group activities for older adults.  Within these research domains, our main goals are to better understand the effects aging and improve technological efficiency, efficacy, and safety.

To pursue our goals, we are an interdisciplinary team comprised of individuals pursuing advanced degrees or certificates in Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology, Education, Modeling and Simulation, and Anthropology. Along with our key personnel, our lab has a strong background in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.