Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

UCF Psychology Department opportunities: The faculty in the Psychology Department are very active in research:

  • Labs in the Psychology Department: cos.ucf.edu/research/laboratories
  • To apply to a research lab, go to RA Match and click on the lab(s) you wish to apply to. RA Match: psy-ramatch.cos.ucf.edu/
  • Next, be sure to make an appointment to meet the professor to talk about graduate school and the availability of a research position within their lab. Their contact information will be posted on their lab webpage or you can get it from the UCF Psych webpage.
  • Most labs prefer that you have earned a “B” or better in PSY3204C Statistical Methods in Psychology at minimum. If you can’t get into the research lab relevant to your preferred field, don’t worry!
  • All research experience is good research experience! Learning how to work with participants, read, collect, and input or code data, and work on research papers will be necessary to apply for graduate programs in any field. Most graduate programs like to see at least 1 year of research experience or more on your resume or CV.
  • Some labs require that you are CITI trained. Go to citiprogram.org/ and log in with your NID and NID password to take the CITI training course for Group 2: Social/Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel Group
  • Other Research Lab opportunities Other undergraduate research opportunities may be found through the UCF Institute for Simulation Training (ist.ucf.edu) or the UCF Marriage and Family Research Institute (www.mfri.ucf.edu


OUR- Office of Undergraduate Research

The University of Central Florida offers numerous opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research in various disciplines under the direction of a faculty member. This intensive research opportunity enhances the academic experience and challenges students to strengthen their critical, analytical, and writing skills. You can find out more at the UCF Office of Undergraduate Research www.our.ucf.edu, or visit their peer advisors in Tech. Commons II, Rm 209

  • Honors in the Major (HIM) Program: The Burnett Honors College hosts the HIM program which offers UCF juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn Honors distinction on their diploma. Students work with faculty in their major to produce an independent thesis on an original topic in their area of interest. honors.ucf.edu/honors-in-the-major
  • McNair Scholars Program: McNair prepares undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. Participants are either first-generation college students and low-income as defined by federal guidelines or members of a group that is traditionally underrepresented in graduate school. ucf.edu
  • Research and Mentoring Program (RAMP): RAMP offers paid research experiences to students in their junior and senior years with the potential to continue in graduate school. Faculty members mentor students, and participants engage in research throughout the academic year. ramp.ucf.edu
  • Burnett Research Scholars: The Burnett Honors College hosts the SMART program, which offers research experiences to all UCF undergraduate students who have completed at least one semester and have at least two semesters left before graduation. SMART offers grants to students and faculty every spring, summer, and fall. honors.ucf.edu/burnett-research-scholars
  • Summer Research Academy (SRA): This two-and-a-half day event is held every summer for transfer students and rising sophomores and juniors. SRA scholars receive one credit and free housing (if needed) for the academy, where they learn about academic research. www.sra.ucf.edu