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I can’t enroll in PSY 3204C stat in psych (or PSY 3213c) because the lab is waitlisted?

The lectures for PSY 3204C and PSy 3213C are online with face to face labs. For COVID safety, there is only 10 students allowed in each lab. There are 10 labs for a total of 100 seats in the lecture. Both of these courses are already full for the ones with face to face labs. You can try to waitlist for a chance to be enrolled in the lab and lecture, otherwise, just choose a different section of PSY 3204C or PSY 3213C so you can take the requirement in it’s sequence.

One of my classes was canceled. What should I take instead?

It is likely there is another section of that course is open-  Email from your secure knights email with your UCF ID # (PID not NID) if you have trouble finding an alternative.

I am a new student, but I have an Orientation Hold. When will that be removed?

If you are a face to face student: You need to complete the Major Planning Assignment on your Transfer Virtual Orientation-COS webcourse, then you will receive a link to complete a survey. If you complete this survey before noon the day of your orientation, your hold will be removed so that you can register starting 2:15pm that day.

For online students: connect with your Sucess Coach about what you need to do to complete orientation:

When will I be able to enroll for Spring 2021 courses?

You will get your enrollment appointment on Oct. 19th to find out when you can enroll. Your enrollment appt (date/time) is on myUCF right hand side of “Student Self Service”  click Details to see when your enrollment will be. Enroll asap to verify your seat in the course. If the course is full and has the yellow triangle, you can waitlist for a chance to get in.

I want to know what I should register for Spring.

Review your degree audit on myUCF. You can register courses straight from your audit. If you need to be full time for financial aid (see their eligibility chart) then we recommend  about 4 or more courses (12 credits) in Spring. If you haven’t completed statistics, take this right away as it’s the prereq for PSY 3204C and later PSY 3213C. Complete college level foreign language sooner than later if you have not already. Other courses you could take could be science electives, track required/electives, diversity elective, and any courses towards minor/certificate/prereqs for professional school etc. We can try to review your audit and get back to you but it may take us a couple of days, so register first and we can advise if you need to make changes:

I am trying to register for PSY 4049 capstone in my last semester but it says I have not met the prerequisites?

You need to be either currently enrolled in or already completed (not just on the waitlist for): PSB 3002, PSY 4604, AND PSY 3213C. So say you’re taking one of those courses this Spring 2021 like PSB 3002, then register for that course first THEN register for PSY 4049 for the same semester. Now if you took any of those courses at a different school or are trying to take them together this summer, then you will need to email for an override form.

I see professors are still listed as staff for Spring, when will that change?

There is a chance that professors may not be assigned to courses until the week before class starts. Please register for the courses you need and you can keep checking myUCF and swap courses if necessary.

I am thinking of withdrawing from a class- how does this affect me?

A Withdraw puts a “W” in your transcript. It does not affect GPA, though more than 2 withdraws may not look well for graduate school admissions. You are still financially responsible for the course. You will need to contact Financial Aid to see if there are any consequences with your aid. Be sure to withdraw by the deadline of that semester/session.

I took foreign language in high school. Is my language requirement met?

Unless you took college level foreign language in high school, then no. College level language is required for this major. If you’re fluent you can test out with the University Testing Center ( or jump into level 2 or higher and be done with 1 class. If not, then start with level 1 (ex. SPN 1120C, ITA 1120, etc) before moving on to required level 2 (ex. SPN 1121C, ITA 1121, etc)

I am trying to register for PSY 3204C or PSY 3213C but I am getting a prereq error?

Make sure you’re taking the statistics courses in order. First is STA 2023 or 2014C. Contact  if you’re getting a prereq error for STA 2023. Second is PSY 3204C Stat in Psych. This must mean your STA course was from another school- send a screenshot of your completion/enrollment and we will send you an override form. Last is PSY 3213C Research methods, make sure you’re enrolled/completed the prior two prereqs (and not just on the waitlist).

What are the differences per track? How do I change my track?

In the current catalog requirements for Psychology BS, you will need to select a track from Clinical, I/O, Human Factors, Neuro, Experimental or General. Here is a video that explains the requirements for psychology and has information about each track to help you choose. Once you’ve selected a track, you can declare it on myUCF. Instructions to change your track: Change Track

Why does my Advanced Core Req show I am missing 1-2 credits when all courses are completed/enrolled?

The missing credit hour(s) from the Advanced Core is due to the change of credits of EXP3604 and/or PSY 3213C but this will be corrected on your degree audit on myUCF in time for graduation. You do not need to enroll in anything else to meet this.

I took a class at my previous school and it has the same name but a different course code- can this count towards my psych major/minor?

As long as you earned a “C” or higher, it may count. We will review substitutions for biology if it’s related to humans, statistics if it’s an STA course, science electives and other psychology courses you may have completed previously. For example, if you took CLP 2140 Abnormal Psych, we will use it towards the general track electives, or the clinical core requirement for our Abnormal Psych. It does not change the credits you have completed or change to upper level but counts toward the requirement needed. Email to request this course substitution on your audit. If you took a course and want to know if it will count for PSY 3204C stat methods in psychology or PSY 3213C research methods in psychology, please send a syllabus as well so we can review it.

How do I get textbooks?

The link for your textbooks are listed on your My Class Schedule List View on myUCF.

You can also see what books you need from College Bookstore website:

But you can order ANY store you wish that they are sold at.

I need additional elective credit besides my requirements for psychology, what should I take?

To help meet your remaining hours, you can take any elective courses that you wish. It does not need to be psychology. Maybe you want to take something towards a minor/certificate? Or maybe just random courses in psych, sociology, anthropology, criminal justice or some other department you’re interested in (search department on bottom of myUCF search page). I highly recommend you consider internship like research assistant, teaching assistant, or volunteer with experiential learning or service learning course (EDG 4948) so you gain skills/experiences and earn letters of recommendation as well as credits.

Additional information about being a psychology major such as opportunities to get involved with research and internships is on our website.

I am interested in taking a class at a college near me – how do I do this?

You can take courses like Statistics and Biology as a transient student at a college in Florida using You can even search for online courses on that site in the Learn Online tab. Instructions how to navigate

I am on academic probation (UCF GPA below 2.0 ) how do I get my hold removed?

Email with your UCF ID # (PID not NID) and let us know you need your science academic plan. We will get back to you in a day or so. Turn in the plan to your webcourse and contact if you have additional questions. Register ASAP for the courses you want.

How will S/U grading affect my requirements for Psychology?

We cannot advise on GEP/Gordon rule, or other major or minor requirements but for Psychology requirements you must earn an “S” or a “C” or higher grade. If you’re earning good grades like “A”s and “B”s you may want to keep those grades to help improve your GPA. If you’re earning a “C”,  and don’t want to affect your GPA, then you could choose the “S” grade. If you’re earning a “C-“ or lower, then you may want to opt in to the S/U so you get a “U” that does not affect your GPA but won’t be able to use grade forgiveness. You have from Apr 10 to Apr 27 to opt in for Spring 2020. Instructions for choosing the S/U option are available here: COS FAQ here: SU FAQ – COS Version More information here:

See how keeping the letter grades could affect your GPA with the GPA estimator on myUCF.

I love Psychology, but I’m not sure what I want to specialize in…

How close am I to graduation?

Check your Degree Audit through myUCF If you need help finding your Degree Audit, click here

What is my Psychology Pegasus Path?

Create your customized Pegasus Path with the requirements needed to complete your degree along with preparing for your future after college.

What Psychology classes does UCF offer?