Dr. Mindy Shoss Highlighted in the Work Science Center Newsletter

In 2017, Georgia Tech launched their Work Science Center to help both researchers and practitioners better understand the multilevel dynamic processes of work. The Center publishes newsletters with a person-centric perspective with the goal of furthering the psychology of work. As the Work Science Center has grown and flourished, the newsletter editors decided to create a new section called the “Thinking Forward Series.” They selected the work of only two researchers to be included, one of whom was our own Dr. Mindy Shoss!

In her paper, Dr. Shoss discusses the prevalence, experience, and consequences of job insecurity. While we know that job insecurity is a major stressor impacting workers, Dr. Shoss explains that workers with less desirable labor force positions and those most economically vulnerable tend to be especially susceptible to job insecurity’s negative effects. She also highlights a third group, which may surprise you. It turns out that the most desirable workers are also oftentimes most negatively impacted by job insecurity! Dr. Shoss suggests a variety of directions for future research including differentiating threats to the job as a whole versus threats to job quality, differentiating threats specific to the person versus to the position, and understanding performance-related consequences of job insecurity.

If you want to learn more, check out the full paper titled Addressing Job Insecurity in the 21st Century using the following link: https://smartech.gatech.edu/handle/1853/59484. In addition to job insecurity, the paper addresses the changes and challenges we are currently facing in relation to A.I., automation, climate displacement, and the global political climate. I would highly recommend it.