SIOP 2019 Highlights

Another SIOP conference has come and passed. As always, the conference provided the opportunity to learn, the chance to network, and inspiration for future research! Here are a few takeaways from members of our WSC lab.

Some things we learned:

The conference draws thousands of researchers and practitioners from companies and universities that span the globe! This leads to presentations and conversations that can provide unique insights and novel information.

“I attended a symposium about experience sampling and learned about the CAPTION taxonomy of situational characteristics. The CAPTION taxonomy is used to study the content of events on its seven dimensions. This session made me consider ways I can apply this taxonomy to my research on helping and mistreatment events.” -Michael

“I went to a cool panel discussion about professionals reflecting on the mistakes they made and the lessons they learned in pursuing their careers.  I realized that to develop skills and experience it is more important to focus on work quality rather than the amount of work. ” -Elaine

What’s on the horizon:

SIOP gives researchers from around the world a chance to connect over common interests and share ideas with one another. This was especially valuable for so many of us presenting our own work at this conference.

“I got some great feedback on my symposium talk that will help me strengthen the design for my dissertation study!” -Nikki

“I started thinking about what our jobs are going to look like in the next decade and that I should be careful when using big data!” -Juseob

This implies, of course, that the work doesn’t stop here. Now begins the planning and preparation for SIOP 2020!
See you in Austin!