• Puerto Rico extends curfew

    Governor Wanda Vázquez has extended the COVID-19 curfew has been extended to July 22nd. The curfew has been in place since mid-March and lasts from 10 PM to 5 AM with the exception of essential workers. This curfew is currently the longest ongoing curfew in the U.S. The post Puerto Rico extends curfew appeared first on Puerto Rico Research Hub.

  • Seafloor Fault Found

    Seafloor faults found near the recent earthquakes epicenters, USGS Seismologists discovered that Puerto Rico lies between the Caribbean and North American plates. Over 3 million citizens of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are now affected by this fault line. The post Seafloor Fault Found appeared first on Puerto Rico Research Hub.

  • Civil-Code

    A new civil code is under scrutiny after being signed into law by Gov. Wanda Vázquez. It is being criticized by activist groups as creating a major setback towards women’s and LGBTQI+ rights, it does not explicitly protect against LGBTQI+ discrimination and gives rights to fetuses. The post Civil-Code appeared first on Puerto Rico Research Hub.

  • Public-Private Partnership

    A group of companies will operate the Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority (PREPA) transmission and distribution system (T&D). PREPA has made an Operate and Management agreement with LUMA Energy, (conjunction between Quanta Services, Inc. and Canadian Utilities Limited, an ATCO Ltd. Company) and Innovative Emergency Management (IEM) to reinvigorate PREPA’s 18,000-mile electric (T&D) system. The post Public-Private Partnership appeared first on Puerto Rico Research Hub.

  • Sahara Dust Blankets Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico was heavily affected by thick dust from the Sahara Desert. On top of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the islands of Puerto Rico, Hispanola, and Cuba are now covered in nearly 4,000 miles of dust. The Saharan Air Layer (SAL) has reduced visibility and is causing air quality issues for the islands. It is forecasted The post Sahara Dust Blankets Puerto Rico appeared first on Puerto Rico Research Hub.


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