March 8, 2018

Dr. Florencio Hernandez – PI (Chemistry)
Dr. Suren Tatulian – Co – PI (Physics)

Two-photon circular dichroism and isotope-edited FTIR building synergy for the Structural analysis of Amyloid beta 1-42 oligomers”

This project will combine two-photon circular dichroism (TPCD) and isotope-edited Fourier transform infrared (IE-FTIR) spectroscopy to elucidate the structural details of fulllength Aß peptide and several fragments that represent structurally distinct and functionally important stretches of the peptide. The results will identify the specific structural features of the four peptides that are related to most potent membrane pore forming capabilities, which will a) lead to structural models for the pores, b) relate peptide cytotoxicity to its structure, and c) elucidate the molecular mechanism A-beta toxicity.