Queue Model

In our initial one-year contract we will receive services through Hanover’s queue model, meaning Hanover is available to support one (1) faculty project at a time. Therefore, we will have an internal approval process for faculty to receive support and projects will be arranged around suitable timetables based on submission deadlines.

Complete the Review/Revision Service Request Form and email it directly to Dr. Joshua Colwell (josh@ucf.edu), Interim Associate Dean of Research at COS, who will make the arrangements to be scheduled in the queue and put you in contact with a Hanover’s associate through a kick-off call. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Colwell for any query or consultation you may have about the process. Below are given descriptions of the proposal review and revision services offered.

Download Service Request Form


Proposal Review/Revision Services

A proposal revision includes the review services described above, as well as content editing to focus on achieving clarity and effective use of language, which include addressing punctuation and grammar. A proposal revision is most suitable for PIs that are in the later stages of their writing process.

Typical turnaround time is two weeks for a proposal review and three weeks for a proposal revision.

Hanover’s proposal review/revision support focuses on the grantsmanship components of the submission, highlighting where the proposal can better align with funder guidelines and priorities. Specifically, Hanover’s Grants Consultant focus on the following:

  • Construct or structure of the hypothesis and methodology. While Hanover does not purport to provide “scientific reviews” that evaluate the specific science underpinning proposals, its grants consultants will flag where they think research questions, aims, and hypotheses could be strengthened and better aligned.
  • Literature review. Hanover grants consultants will note places where a citation is needed and has not been included.
  • Clarity and focus. When they suspect that narrative content lacks sufficient clarity, consistency, or rigor, Hanover grants consultants will pose questions to encourage the faculty to verify the science, and/or suggest a review by a senior colleague or program officer.

Other Core Services

Other services include proposal development, pre-proposal support, funding research and grant seeking capacity development. For more information see Core Capabilities.