This page provides information on the types of accounts that your project funding may be held in. Please click on any topic below to learn more.

[expand title=”What is an overhead account and how are they funded?“] Overhead funds are accrued when faculty spend project money. Part of these overhead funds can be made available in an overhead account for faculty to use for research related purposes (such as office supplies, student assistants, etc.).  All faculty who accrue overhead or “indirect” from grants,contracts, etc. should have their own overhead account.

Funds are distributed annually in April according to the following schedule:



[expand title=”What is a balance account and how are they funded?“]

Balance accounts are similar to overhead accounts in that the funds are available for faculty to use for anything related to their research. Faculty can earn funds for their balance accounts when they have residual funds in their research grants when the grants end. Limits apply as to how much money can be kept from an ended grant and funds are subject to the terms of the awarding agency.


[expand title=”What is a match account?“]

Match accounts are used to document the cost share associated with a project. Faculty members will not have the opportunity to accrue overhead funds from a match account. Overhead funds are instead withheld to help cover the indirect costs of the project.


[expand title=”How do I request my own overhead account? Can I request a match or balance account?“]

If you do not have an overhead or balance account and would like one, please contact your department administrator. They will work with us to get one set up as quickly as possible.

Match accounts and balance accounts cannot be requested. A match account is only created when faculty are awarded new cost share. Balance accounts are only created when a faculty member has a project end with residual funds.