Travel Award application found HERE

This fiscal year (July 2018 – June 2019), College of Sciences will provide 20 match awards of $250 to support faculty who travel in order to present a research paper or comparable creative activity at a professional meeting.

This program is similar in nature to the ORC faculty travel program found here:

We encourage faculty to seek match funds from both programs. There are two differences in the programs that applicants should make note of:

  • College of Sciences funds are NOT restricted to transportation costs, while ORC’s are.
  • College of Sciences funds may be requested before OR after travel. ORC will only reimburse the Dept. in E&G funds AFTER travel.
  • Awards are limited to tenured or tenure-earning assistant/associate professors.
  • Funds for no more than one trip per fiscal year may be applied for.
  • The intent of the trip must be to present a research paper or comparable creative activity at a professional meeting.
  • Funding is provided for any costs associated with the trip. (Unlike the ORC program)
  • You MUST obtain funds from your chair FIRST. College of Sciences will match department funds up to $250 per trip.
  • If two faculty co-author a paper, only ONE will be provided funding.
  • Applications may be submitted before or after travel.
  • The following must be submitted along with the application:
  1. A 60-75 word abstract of the presentation.
  2. Documentation of the presentation’s acceptance (ex. a copy of the program)
  3. Explanation of planned trip costs (if applying before travel) or description of actual costs (if after)

Ex. Abstract “In this talk I shall present some recent results on Traveling Waves arising from both Complex Fluids System of Thermal-diffusivity and Auto-catalytic Chemical Reactions.We shall show how to establish a sharp bound of the traveling speed for existence, and stability of waves based on a novel approach we discovered in recent years. We shall also discuss how to compare our results with experiments.”

Ex.  Expense Summary:

  • Airfare, $270, Home<->Airport, $50, Airport<-> Hotel, $70;
  •  Hotel:  $300= $150 X 2 nights;
  • Meal Allowance:  $50.


Completed forms should be sent to COS Post-Award ( or CSB 201) for approval.