2009 Graduate Fellowships Reception

The College of Graduate Studies Financial Assistance office hosted the Fifth Annual Graduate Fellowships Reception on October 7, 2009 to recognize the outstanding UCF graduate students who received prestigious university fellowships for the 2009-2010 academic year. The awards are offered to superior students who have distinguished themselves in academic studies.

Upon entering the Cape Florida Room, students and guests were welcomed, offered name tags, programs, and UCF logo gifts; light refreshments and beverages were served in their honor.

Dr. Michael Stern, Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, welcomed everyone and congratulated the recipients on their awards and thanked them for choosing UCF for graduate study. Students received certificates, upon mingling with faculty and guests.

New 2009-2010 University of Central Florida Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Trustees Doctoral Fellows

Ashley Bies, Conservation Biology PhD
Christopher Coultas, Psychology PhD
Christopher Friend, Texts and Technology PhD
Amy Hoover, Computer Science PhD
Andrew Miller, Computer Science PhD
Jacob Staples, Computer Engineering PhD
Carrie Straub, Education PhD
Robert VanGorder, Mathematics PhD

Presidential Doctoral Fellows

Shuyu Chen, Electrical Engineering PhD
Shanjun Helian, Civil Engineering PhD
Sunny Jain, Biomedical Sciences PhD
Chunting Li, Public Affairs PhD
Chuan Sun, Computer Science PhD
Lijuan Yin, Computer Engineering PhD
Ran Zhao, Mechanical Engineering PhD

McKnight Doctoral Fellows

Nick Lebredo, Public Affairs, PhD
Christopher Lorscher, Physics PhD
Jennifer Johnson, Education PhD

Provost’s Graduate Fellows

David Ascher, Education PhD
Benjamin Barth, Psychology Clinical MA
Carly Baxendale, Nonprofit Managment MNM
Shameek Bhattacharjee, Computer Engineering PhD
Monica Bonadies, Mechanical Engineering MSME
Jared Bott, Computer Science PhD
Alyssa Boucher, Psychology PhD
Kathryn Bryan Bethea, Education PhD
Peter Buffington, Physical Therapy DPT
Amy Byrne, Criminal Justice MS
Mallory Casson, Hospitality and Tourism Mgmt MS
Christopher Catano, Biology MS
Yuan Chang, Industrial Engineering PhD
Yuan Chen, Optics PhD
Jun Chen, Electrical Engineering PhD
Christopher Connolly, Sport Business Management MSBM
Sarah Cox, Health Sciences MS
Deana Deichert, Education PhD
Andrew Deptula, Psychology PhD
Alexander Dillard, Optics PhD
Daniel Doty, Psychology PhD
Kathryn Dunlap, Texts and Technology PhD
Rachel Egan, Anthropology MA
Jaclyn Elgeness, Creative Writing MFA
Molly Fitzsimons, Sport and Fitness MA
Maya Forrester, Communication MA
Jennifer Foster, Education PhD
Stephanie Garvis, Biology MS
John Goshorn, Film and Digital Media MFA
Rachael Gray, Political Science MA
Shannon Groebe, Public Administration MPA
Brian Grummel, Electrical Engineering PhD
Yo-Sang Ha, Education PhD
Sihui He, Optics PhD
Shawn Hendricks, Molecular and Microbiology MS
Sara Hill, Taxation MST
Jayme Holmes, Criminal Justice MS
Yang Hu, Electrical Engineering PhD
Daniel Hurley, Modeling and Simulation PhD
Christopher Jacobs, English MA
Benjamin Johnson, Business Administration MBA
Jyoti Katoch, Physics PhD
Jerrold Kaufman, Applied Sociology MA
Emma Kendrick, Education PhD
Athena Kirkham, Communciacation Sciences and Disorders MA
Rachael Landry, Anthropology MA
Monica Leppma, Education PhD
Cong Li, Electrical Engineering PhD
Lei Liu, Electrical Engineering PhD
Kayla Lyons, Counselor Education MA
Naomi Malone, Education PhD
Donald Marco, Civil Engineering MS
Edward Mashek, Business Administration MBA
Michael Mason, Public Affairs PhD
Andrew Massari, Interactive Entertainment MS Jenna Maxwell, Psychology Clinical MA
Heather Myers, Education PhD
Jacob Nordman, Industrial Engineering MS
Christine Ortiz, Nonprofit Managment MNM
David Paladino, Biomedical Sciences PhD
Nicole Patino, Interdisciplinary Studies MA
Tianxiang Peng, Computer Engineering PhD
Blake Perrault, Business Administration MBA
Alison Provost, Business Administration MBA
Lauren Pryor, Accounting MSA
Olan Quattro, Studio Art and the ComputerMFA
Aaron Rank, Civil Engineering MS
Benjamin Rauhala, Music MA
Cassandra Richardson, Business Administration MBA
Andrew Richardson, Industrial Engineering PhD
Aleea Shaw, Social Work MSW
Brandon Sholar, Psychology PhD
Katelan Smith, Applied Sociology MA
Jennifer Spear, Communication MA
Lee Summerlin, Accounting MSA
Todd Suter, Political Science MA
Gregory Territo, Biology MS
Jacqueline Thurston, Education PhD
Christopher Trionfo, History MA
Paola Ventura, Education PhD
Zachary Walker, Education PhD
Ming Wei, Optics PhD
Xiaoxin Wei, Education EdD
Christopher Wilkes, Education PhD
Zhengkai Wu, Computer Science PhD
Yulin Xiao, Civil Engineering PhD
ChengyuYang, Materials Science and Engineering PhD
Daniel Yates, Materials Science and Engineering PhD
Lei Zhang, Statistical Computing MS

Angela Ziegler, Communication Sciences and Disorders MA

UCF Graduate RAMP Fellows

Javed Khan, History MA
Binh Tran, Chemistry PhD

UCF Graduate McNair Fellows

Adena Broxton, Social Work MSW
Kendra Minor, Education PhD

UCF Graduate Deans Fellows

Patricio Cubillos, Physics PhD
Lina Sanchez Clavijo, Conservation Biology PhD

GEM Fellow

Francisco Mendoza, Computer Engineering MS

Florida A&M University Feeder Fellows

Joy Finley, Elementary Education MA
Deneisha Leggett, Applied Sociology MA

Delores A. Auzenne Fellows

Christian Bolden, Sociology PhD
Edward Bull, Creative Writing MFA
Stacey DiLiberto, Texts and Technology PhD
Jerryl Randolph, Sport and Fitness MA