August 2015:

Subriena Persaud (Sociology M.A., Spring 2014) was hired by George Mason University as a Development Research Analyst.

February 2015:

Nicholas Guittar, Ph.D. (Sociology Ph.D., August 2011) was named an Outstanding AlumKnight 2015 by the UCF College of Sciences Alumni Chapter.

February 2014:

Rachel Rayburn, Ph.D. (Sociology Ph.D., August 2011) was named one of the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly Forty under 40.

March 2013:

Sara Afflerback (Sociology M.A., Spring 2012) article “Infant Feeding Consumerism in the Age of Intensive Mothering and Risk Society,” has been accepted for forthcoming publication in the Journal of Consumer Culture. The article is co-written with Shannon Carter, Ph.D., Amanda Koontz-Anthony, Ph.D., and Liz Grauerholz, Ph.D.

February 2013:

Kayli Keogh (Sociology B.A., 2012) was selected as a recipient of the 2013 Order of Pegasus.