Career Services preps for move

Look around campus; UCF is constantly expanding, and Career Services is doing the same.

In less than two weeks, UCF Career Services will be moving into a new a new 25,000-square-foot building next to Memory Mall. Career Services will close its Ferrell Commons location Dec. 17 and will reopen in the new Career Services Experiential Learning Building on Jan. 3.

“The new facility is going to be amazing,” said Lynn Hansen, the executive director of Career Services. “It is going to give us the space we need to do the things that we need to do.”

The current Ferrell Commons location is not far from the entrance to the Marketplace cafeteria, but students don’t walk by Career Services unless cutting through to a more traveled walkway.

Maria Roman of Career Services teaches a resume workshop and said that their workshops usually have about 10 students in attendance. However, their last resume workshop had 25 students in attendance as more students use Career Services toward the end of each semester.

“Right now, in Ferrell Commons, we’re kind of tucked into a little corner and everyone walking by may or may not realize that Career Services is here,” Hansen said. “I’m hoping that we draw a lot more attention with that new facility and that location.”

Besides helping students on resumes, Career Services also conducts practice job-interview sessions and has programs to help students find what major they should pursue based on interests.

Currently, Career Services is pushing for more students to use KnightLink, a job-listing site that allows employers to specifically seek out UCF students for internships, part-time and full-time work. Starting in January, all students will be required to sign up to KnightLink at the career services website before being assisted.

Hansen said signing up on KnightLink will act as a record system. The system will allow advisers to give more appropriate direction during different stages of a student’s college career.

As the new Career Services Experiential Learning Building is receiving its last remaining touchups, Career Services is already beginning to pack their things in preparation for the big move. Now it’s up to the students to use the resources that are laid out in front of them.

“I have absolutely no idea what that’s going to do to our traffic and to our numbers, so hopefully we’ll be able to keep up with the additional traffic that that generates,” Hansen said.