Dr. Amy Donley, Instructor

Dr. Amy Donley is no stranger to the Sociology Department at UCF. She has just completed a one year post doctoral research fellowship with the UCF Institute for Social and Behavioral Sciences and is now joining the Sociology faculty as an Instructor. I recently sat down with Dr. Donley to chat about her research, teaching and her new role as an instructor.

“Growing up I moved around a lot as a child finally settling in Kaiserslautern, Germany where I spent all of junior high and high school. After returning to America and trying out several schools and majors, I transferred to UCF as a junior to major in sociology. I went on to earn my Masters and PhD in sociology at UCF.

I have been teaching research methods and data analysis for two years and will continue to do so. This year I will also be teaching intro and urban sociology for the first time. My research focuses mainly on homelessness, specifically the intersection between homelessness and crime and the ways in which homeless people are perceived. “

“What projects are you working on right now?”

Currently I am part of the evaluation team for the Moving to Work program at the Orlando Housing Authority. My research continues to focus on homelessness. I am working on two papers with Dr. Monica Mendez (a UCF Sociology alum) focusing on domestic violence, homelessness and race. I am also gearing up to begin a new project in the fall with a former student working with homeless fathers residing with their children at the Coalition for the Homeless.

“What are you most looking forward to in your new position?

As a post doc I only taught one class per semester. Now I will be teaching three. I am excited to continue teaching the research methods – data analysis sequence. Being able to teach the same group of students in a smaller class for a full year is a lot of fun. I am also very excited to teach urban sociology for the first time this spring.