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Spring 2011

SYD48130M01; Women,
Culture, and Law – M (mixed media course) syllabus
SYD48130M01; Women, Culture, and Law – M (mixed media course) paper

SYP3540.0001; Sociology of Law syllabus
SYP3540.0001; Sociology of Law paper assignment
SYP3540.0001; Sociology of Law study guide for exam 1
SYP3540.0001; Sociology of Law study guide for exam 2

Frequently Taught Courses:

SYP3930H; Violence in Our Lives (Burnett Honors College seminar) syllabus*

SYP3511; Sociology of Murder syllabus*

SYP3511; Sociology of Murder – W (fully on-line course)

SYD48130M01; Women, Culture, and Law – M (mixed media course) syllabus

SYP3540; Sociology of Law – W (fully on-line course)

SYP6522; Sociological Perspectives on Victimology syllabus*

SYP6561; Child Abuse in Society –W (fully on-line course)

SYA7658; Social Policy and Research Analysis syllabus*

*Syllabi are provided for informational purposes only. When course is taught, syllabus will likely

Helpful Informational Materials:

The Oral Presentation Oral Presentation
How to do a Literature Review The Critical Literature Review
How to Develop Good Study Habits Study Habits
Good Study Tips and Tactics Study Tips
How to Locate and Critique Sources of Criminological Information  Sources of Information
Statistical Analysis and Multivariate Data

Writing something like a meta analysis example of pseudo meta-analysis


  • Ph.D. in Sociology,
    1994, The Ohio State University,
    Columbus, Ohio.
  • M.A. in Sociology,
    1990, The Ohio State University,
    Columbus, Ohio.
  • B.A. in Sociology with Criminal
    Justice Minor, 1987, The University
    of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.


Professional Interests:

Research Interests:

  • Criminal Victimization, Routine Activities
  • Domestic Violence, Women’s Victimization, Stalking
  • Sex Offender Registries; Locations of Sex Offenders and
  • Child Abuse
  • Violence in Society
  • The Patterns and Sources of Crime and
    Incarceration Rates
  • Women, Crime, Culture, and Social
  • Program Evaluation

Teaching Interests:

  • Criminology, Deviance, Juvenile Delinquency,
    and specialty topics
  • Women, Crime, Law, and Culture
  • Violence in Society
  • Child Abuse, Healthy Families
  • Criminal Victimization, Domestic Violence,
  • Research and Policy
  • Research Methods
  • Social Forces and Gender Issues


Curriculum Vitae


Society of Criminology

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
Southern Criminal Justice Association
American Sociological Association

Just How Cool is Sociology? (answer below)

The Sociology Department at UCF:

How Can I Use Sociology? (Each of the following websites/files uses sociological research)
Rate Your Risk of Being a Crime Victim
What is Your Carbon Footprint?
Are You Sure You Are Not Prejudiced?
Serial Killer vs. Computer Programmer…Can You Tell The Difference?
Check out cool information about your community
Renewable Resources
How Does Your Salary/Job Compare?
Local Census
Robbery Location by Hour in Orange County, Florida

Sociology Internship and Career Possibilities:
Public Schools in your Community
Law Enforcement/Sheriff’s Office in your Community
Victim Services in your Community
Girl Scouts of Citrus Council
Heart of Florida, United Way
Community Agencies 

The History Center of Orlando
Being a Volunteer or Leader of Volunteers
Academy Health
Action Without Borders
Career Center

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Human Services Career Network
I Hire Social Services
Nonprofit Job Opportunities
Social Service
Society of Human Resource Management
The Mentor Network
The Florida Department of Children
and Families

The Center For Drug Free Living
Habitat For Humanity Orlando Florida
Harbor House Orlando Florida
Equality Florida
Department of
Juvenile Justice

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
Teach for America
Student Conservation Association
PACE Center for Girls
Kids Hope United
The Washington Center
Florida Jobs
Center For the Study of Social Policy
The Center For Community Partnerships in Child Welfare
Volunteer Match – volunteering opportunities with nonprofit organizations

See what’s available in your local area by visiting
Find out about other internship opportunities through UCF by visiting The Office of Career Services &
Experiential Learning

Career Opportunities for Sociologists in the Federal Government
Federal Government Jobs
Federal Jobs Digest
National Security Agency
U.S. Government Office of Personnel

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Career Opportunities for Sociologists in State and Local Governments
Council of State Governments
International City/County Management Association
Local Government Institute
National Association of Counties
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Governors Association
National League of Cities
State and Local Government on the Net
State and Local

Career Planning
Careers in Sociology
More Careers in Sociology
Still More
Careers in Sociology

Yet Again, More Careers in Sociology
Are There More Careers in Sociology?
Is There Any Career You Can’t Get With a Major in Sociology?
Society for Applied Sociology
American Sociological Association (Careers and

Top Ten Reasons to Graduate With A Sociology Degree

(Answer: Very Cool Indeed)

Additional Links of Interest:

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
The Lindesmith Center Drug Policy Research Institute
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Cybrary of CJ Links
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
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