The Critical Race Writing Group (CRWG) provides a collaborative space for scholars interested in the study of race, particularly from a critical race theory perspective. The CRWG is an interdisciplinary group, so scholars from all areas across UCF are welcome!

Faculty are welcome, however the CRWG is specifically meant to help graduate students develop their skills in incorporating CRT into their research (e.g., theses or dissertations), improve their writing skills towards producing peer-reviewed academic articles or non-peer reviewed products (e.g., op-eds), as well as further their professional development preparation beyond graduate school.

What is Critical Race Theory?

At its core, CRT is a theoretical tool for examining the role of race and racism in society. As Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic define it, CRT is “a collection of activists and scholars engaged in studying and transforming the relationship among race, racism, and power.” To get a brief overview of CRT, check out this video.

Brown Bags: Learning About CRT

Each semester, the CRWG will host a brown bag session meant to further develop knowledge about CRT and its applications. The Spring 2023 brown bag session, “Using CRT In Your Research,” focused on ways to utilize CRT in qualitative and quantitative studies, as well as CRT praxis (research in action). You can view the recording from this session below.

Download Presentation Slides (PDF)

Writing Product Review

In order to help graduate students complete writing products, we will have as-needed meetings for peer review for those who have manuscripts that are ready (or close to ready) to be submitted for publication, be it a peer-reviewed journal, an op-ed source, or similar. As manuscripts are submitted for review, CRWG members will be solicited as peer reviewers, and the entire group will be mobilized to provide constructive feedback. To initiate this process, simply reach out to Dr. Jonathan Cox at jonathan.cox@ucf.edu.

Note: Since the focus of the CRWG is professional development for graduate students, faculty articles will only be eligible for group review if they include student co-authors.

Staying Connected: Microsoft Teams Channel

In order to facilitate ongoing collaboration and communication, the CRWG has a Microsoft Teams channel. We will use Teams for multiple functions: to share ideas and spark collaboration, to ask for input on research ideas or writing project development, to share resources, and however else it can be used. To gain access, email Dr. Jonathan Cox at jonathan.cox@ucf.edu.


This is an open group with no requirement for a long-term commitment. In other words, come when you can! You will get out of it what you put into it.


For more information, email Dr. Jonathan Cox.

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