To provide a collaborative space for scholars interested in the study of race, particularly from a critical race theory perspective. Specifically, this group will help graduate students develop their skills in academic article writing and review processes, with the goal of finalizing a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.


Each meeting, the group will review one article that a member has put forth to be critiqued. The group member who is submitting their work for review will also identify possible journals for submission and prepare a cover letter to the journal editors, which will accompany their manuscript. Two group members will be designated as official “reviewers,” and in advance of the meeting will prepare written reviews in the same format as faculty journal reviewers. Additionally, a faculty member with relevant expertise will serve as the lead reviewer, providing another layer of valuable feedback. The group will also serve as support and accountability for creating a workable timeline to move each paper from draft to submission—and hopefully subsequent publication.

Meeting Schedule:

This group will meet monthly. These meetings will occur via Zoom until UCF has cleared a full return to campus.

2nd Thursday of each month during Fall and Spring semesters, 12:30 – 1:30 pm ET

Spring 2021 Meeting Times:

  • March 11
  • April 8
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Target Audience:

This group is open to anyone who is interested in studying race, particularly from a critical race theory perspective. This is a cross-disciplinary group, so we welcome scholars from areas across UCF. Faculty are welcome, however, the focus is professional development for graduate students; thus, faculty articles will only be eligible for group review if they include student co-authors. Additionally, only graduate student members will be selected as official reviewers, with the expert review being a faculty member.



This is an open group with no requirement for a long-term commitment. In other words, come when you can and when you want! You will get out of it what you put into it. There is also no requirement to have a working manuscript or to submit a working manuscript for review, however, this is highly encouraged! Even pieces that are in the very beginning stages can benefit from the peer-review process. Finally, all members will be asked to serve as official reviewers at some point—this is meant to develop your skills in critiquing, which is typically an expected part of service to the field as a faculty member. This is not compulsory, however.



For more information, email Dr. Jonathan Cox at jonathan.cox@ucf.edu.


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