2022-2023 Uniquely UCF Sociology Excellence Advisory Board Graduate Student ambassadors


Recognizing that a learning community should include shared governance and work to cultivate the next generation of leaders, in fall semester 2020, we created the Uniquely UCF Sociology Excellence Advisory Board of Graduate Student Ambassadors. The board meets twice per semester to discuss broader visions and to secure input into larger program issues. The goal is to gain new and differing perspectives to enhance the way we think about excellence in our graduate program. 

Student Ambassadors support the department through:

  • Attending advisory board meetings twice per semester;
  • Assisting with marketing and recruitment events to share the good news of UCF Sociology;
  • Co-developing at least one new, student-centered initiative that supports our graduate learning community;
  • Assisting in community-building efforts in our graduate programs

For questions about the Uniquely UCF Sociology Excellence Advisory Board, please contact Dr. Timothy Hawthorne, UCF Sociology Graduate Director, at timothy.hawthorne@ucf.edu.


We are pleased to introduce our 2022-2023 Advisory Board Graduate Student Ambassadors.

Graduate Excellence Advisory Board