2020-2021 Uniquely UCF Sociology Excellence Advisory Board Graduate Student ambassadors


Recognizing that a learning community should include shared governance and work to cultivate the next generation of leaders, in fall semester 2020, we created the Uniquely UCF Sociology Excellence Advisory Board of Graduate Student Ambassadors. The board will meet once a semester to discuss broader visions and to secure input into larger program issues. The goal is to gain new and differing perspectives to enhance the way we think about excellence in our graduate program. 

Student Ambassadors support the department through:

  • Attending advisory board meetings twice a semester;
  • Assisting with marketing and recruitment events to share the good news of UCF Sociology;
  • Co-developing at least one new, student-centered initiative that supports our graduate learning community;
  • Assisting in community-building efforts in our graduate programs

In spring semester 2021, we aim to expand the Board to include UCF Sociology alumni and community partners. For questions about the Uniquely UCF Sociology Excellence Advisory Board, please contact Timothy L. Hawthorne, UCF Sociology Graduate Director, at timothy.hawthorne@ucf.edu.


We are pleased to introduce our 2020-2021 Advisory Board Graduate Student Ambassadors:


Shameika Daye is a second-year doctoral student who uses her interdisciplinary academic background (master’s in public administration and bachelor’s in business management) to help shape her research. Her research primarily focuses on how space and place form and inform interactions in society in various social structures in the areas of race, gender, and their intersection. Her understanding of the power of a single story and passion for empowering others has led her research towards being more qualitative in nature as she uses her research to share the lived experiences of those who at times are overlooked.



Taylor Devereaux (they/them/theirs) is a second-year Ph.D. student in the UCF Sociology department studying Sociology of Education. I enjoy looking at different programs and policies within our educational system to not only see how they can have consequences for students and teachers, but also how they can be improved. I have previously taught preschool and interned at the middle and high school level. Currently, I am teaching Introduction to Sociology at UCF. Please reach out if you have any ideas/concerns to bring to the board! I am here to represent you all and I will do my best to do so!



Deborah (Debbie) Griffith is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology. Her research focus examines behaviors and attitudes of awareness on the cultural significance of “The Talk” within the Black community, and its use as a tool for racial socialization within Black families on how to address the effects of systemic racism specifically when stopped by the police. Her research has most recently been presented at the Association for Applied & Clinical Sociology, The Mid-South Sociology Association, and the Sociologists for Women in Society annual conferences.  Debbie has also served as a discussant for “More than Moment: A Conversation on The Ongoing Fight Against Racial Injustice – #ScholarStrike Virtual Teach-in” and second author for the inaugural Sociology Department Blog.  She is an adjunct instructor for UCF and Valencia College, teaching in the disciplines of social science, business management, and Human Resources.