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Dr. Lynxwiler received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Tennessee in 1984. He joined the faculty at UCF in 1990. In that time, Dr. Lynxwiler has served as the Editor of Sociological Spectrum, the Director of the UCF American Studies Program, a faculty member of Women’s Studies Program, a Trainer in the UCF Diversity Initiatives Program, and the Graduate Program Director in Sociology.  Dr. Lynxwiler’s published work has examined abortion attitudes and behaviors, regulatory policymaking, identity management, popular music, and social problems construction. His primary teaching areas are deviant behavior, popular culture, social theory and social psychology. Along with graduate and undergraduate courses, Dr. Lynxwiler has taught interdisciplinary, diversity, LINC, GED, Pegasus, Internet, and media courses.

Research Interests:

Popular Culture
Social Psychology
Sociology of Religion
Identity Formation

Spring 2018

SYA 3110.0W59 – Social Theory – Online Course

SYG 2000.0W59 – Introduction to Sociology – Online Course

SYP 3630.0W59 – Popular Culture in Society – Online Course


Spring 2018

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