Dr. Hinojosa’s research interests are in the areas of identities and identity construction, masculinities, men’s health, veterans’ health, and qualitative research methods. His past work has explored masculine identity constructions as individuals transition into and out of various institutional settings, like the family and the military. Recent work with Veterans explores post-deployment reintegration issues; the role of social isolation in Veteran caregiver mental health; and the effects of military service on Veterans’ musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and mental health. His most recent publication in Armed Forces & Soceity, “Military Service and Physical Capital: Framing Musculoskeletal Disorders among American Military Veterans using Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory of Cultural Capital” examines how the use of the physical body to construct masculine capital can deplete the value of Veterans’ masculine capital, and overall health, over time.

In the area of identities and identity construction, Dr. Hinojosa uses qualitative research methods to explore identity and identity constructions within institutional settings. A recently submitted manuscript explores how college students use environmental cues to develop efficacy in construction an institutionally sponsored identity.  In the area of qualitative methods, he recently published two peer-reviewed journal articles that innovate the use of video technologies as part of a Grounded Theory Methods approach.

Dr. Hinojosa’s research is published in academic journals such as Symbolic Interaction, the Journal of Marriage and Family, the Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, Military Medicine, Armed Forces & Society, the American Journal of Men’s Health, and the Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research, among others

Along with Dr. Hinojosa’s scholarly research, he writes, produces, and directs documentary films that explore various social issues using a sociological lens. A recent film explores some of the challenges faced by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and their families resulting from combat deployment and post-deployment reintegration strains. Other film work includes a short on performers working at the margins of an urban economy in Washington D.C.; school funding in an impoverished small industrial Ohio town; and a short health education film on father’s and children’s health.

He was the expert content advisor and advising script editor for Crash Course Sociology, a 45 episode video series that explores the discipline of Sociology. That work can be found here:

He actively teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in gender/masculinities, medical sociology, and sociology in film.

Dr. Hinojosa received his PhD from the University of Florida in 2007.

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