F.A.Q.-Prospective Undergraduate Students

What are the prerequisites to enter the program?

Students are required to have completed SYG 2000-Introduction to Sociology to enter the upper-level courses.

The only additional requirement is for SYA 4450-Data Analysis, which requires students have completed and passed SYA 3400C-Applied Social Statistics and SYA 4300C-Research Methods before entering. It is also important to remember that SYA 3400C and SYA 4300C are taught in the fall semester only. Student would then take SYA 4300C the following spring semester.

Can I double major?

Yes, you most certainly can. In fact, a significant proportion of our undergraduate opt to double major. For more details on how to do this please consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

Do you offer minors?

Yes. The Sociology department offers five minors at this time-Sociology, Crime, Law and Deviance, Diversity and Social Inequality, Mass Culture and Collective Behavior and Medical Sociology. See the minors section for more information.

Does Sociology require a foreign language?

All Bachelor of Arts programs at UCF require 2 college level semesters of language proficiency. The Sociology program does accept American Sign Language to fulfill this proficiency.

Can I transfer coursework from another institution?

Only two courses will transfer from a two year school: SYG 2000-Introduction to Sociology and SYG 2010-Social Problems. It is not uncommon for students to take courses in deviance or family as part of their AA degree; however those courses do not count as restricted electives.

Students should also beware that UCF Sociology majors are required to fulfill the residency requirement which is to complete their last 30 hours in the UCF Sociology department.

Does the Sociology Program offer internships?

Yes. The Department, as well as individual faculty members, maintains close relationship s with many community partners. Students majoring in Sociology are able to work as interns in many of these agencies and companies and receive credit toward their degree. To find out more about internship possibilities click here.

Do you offer the Sociology major at any regional campuses?

No, we no longer offer courses at the regional campuses.

Do you offer the Sociology major online?

Yes. Students can complete the Sociology B.A. program completely online. Students must apply through UCFOnline directly. Applicants will work with a Success Coach who will guide them through the online degree. While the department does offer many electives online, it is important to know that we cannot guarantee all electives will be available in an online section.

What is the Sociology Exit Exam?

All Sociology majors must take a multiple choice exam during their last semester at UCF in order to graduate. We use this exam as part of our annual assessment of the Sociology program.

What can I do with an undergraduate degree in Sociology?

Because sociology provide students with strong skills in research and data analysis and an excellent understanding of social institutions, cultural diversity, and inequality, sociology majors are beneficial in many employment arenas. These same skills give many of our students an advantage when they apply for Graduate School and professional programs such as law and medicine.

Our graduates have gone on to work in the following fields; but are not limited to:

Counseling, Child Advocate, Public Health, Law Enforcement, Probation/Parole Officer, Security Officer, Teaching, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Public Administration, Health Services, Government Services, Community Organization, Business, Statistician, Research and more…