Sociology Department Hosts COS Distinguished Speaker

On February 15th, it was our pleasure to sponsor the College of Sciences (COS) Distinguished Speaker Series by hosting Dr. Francis Dodoo, leading authority on African demography and population studies. Dr. Dodoo is currently the Senior Research Associate in the Population Research Institute at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and Professor of Sociology and Director of the Regional Institute for Population Studies at the University of Ghana.

Dr. Dodoo joined us for an informal lunch and discussion in our department before speaking to a fullhouse of interested students and faculty at the COS event. The topic of his lecture concerned the relationship of dowry payments to women‟s reproductive autonomy in Africa, particularly in Ghana, where his current research is based. He also intrigued us with data from previous research about the rise of slums and informal settlements in both East and West Africa.

Dr. Dodoo‟s research is widely recognized and his current projects are supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Hewlett Foundation, the Global Development Network, and other international foundations.

Dodoo is also a former Olympic athlete and All Africa medal winner in the long jump and triple jump, so we were not surprised that he managed to catch a quick glimpse of a basketball game in the student gym or that he requested a visit to Brighthouse Stadium before leaving campus for the last time. We were thrilled to have Dr. Dodoo as our guest and look forward to working with him in the future on issues of mutual concern.