UCF Experts Available to Speak with Reporters about Changing Roles of Fathers

Date: Monday Jun. 12th, 2006

University of Central Florida professors are available to speak with reporters about the changing roles of fathers in American society. From sociologists to educators, the experts can speak on a variety of aspects from specific cultural differences to the new wave of father-friendly conveniences such as changing stations in men’s restrooms.

Fernando Rivera, assistant professor of sociology. Rivera’s research has looked at the role Latino men play in the community. He can discuss the connections between traditional males and those of a new generation and how their roles as parents have changed over time. Rivera is available for interviews in English and Spanish. 407-823-6235, firivera@mail.ucf.edu

Andrew Daire, assistant professor in counselor education. Daire is the co-director of the Florida Marriage and Family Research Project at UCF and co-principal investigator on the federally funded project, Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families. His recent research includes looking at parental bonding and the connection between parents and substance abuse and sexual behaviors. Daire also serves on the Governor’s Commission on Marriages and Family Support. 407-823-0385, adaire@mail.ucf.edu (E-mail is the best way to reach Daire.)

Elizabeth Grauerholz, professor in sociology. Grauerholz’s primary areas of interest include gender, family and childhood, and social psychology. She has studied the role that fathers play in family units. 407-823-6235, grauer@mail.ucf.edu.

John Manning, assistant professor of education. Manning is an expert in early childhood education with a focus on math and science in the preschool setting. He has also completed research into the roles that fathers play in their children’s early childhood education. He also serves as chair of the Licensing/Director Dialogue Special Interest Forum for the National Association for the Education of Young Children. 407-821-4120, 407-341-8853 (cell), jmanning@mail.ucf.edu

Kimberly Renk, associate professor of psychology. Renk runs the Young Child and Family Research Clinic at UCF, which serves families in the community. Her research is focused on understanding how parental characteristics, relationships and parenting styles impact child psychological development. 407-823-2218,krenk@mail.ucf.edu