April 2014:

Alexandra Minnick, Sociology major, received the UCF Student Government Spring 2014 Intern Scholarship.

February 2014:

Matthew Landon, Sociology major, received the Piper Scholarship awarded through the Florida Collegiate Honors Council.

Nicholas Simmons, Sociology major, was inducted into the prestigious 2014 Order of the Pegasus.

August 2013:

Rachel Sewell’s (Sociology B.A., May 2012) article “What Is Appealing?: Sex and Racial Differences in Perceptions of the Physical Attractiveness of Women” has been published in the University of Central Florida Undergraduate Research Journal.

Faculty Mentor- Dr. Amy Donley (Sociology)

February 2013:

Emmanuel Jackson, Sociology major received UCF Undergraduate Researcher of the Month!

Mentor- Dr. Amy Donley (Sociology)                                                                                                                                                             Project- Blending In: The Presentation of Self among Homeless Men in a Gentrifying Environment

September 2012:

Nicole Stark’s (Sociology B.A., May 2012) article “Writing in the Sociology Curriculum: What Types and How Much Writing Do We Assign?” has been accepted for publication in Teaching Sociology. The article is co-written with Elizabeth Grauerholz, Ph.D. and Joanna Eisele (Sociology PhD, admitted fall 2011) and is forthcoming 2013.

May 2012:

Juan Barredo, Carla Cox, Kate Griffin, Marie Gualtieri and Jessica Kleinberger (Sociology B.A., May 2012) have all been accepted into the UCF Sociology M.A. program. Congratulations!