Why Do Ugly Men Commit Ugly Crimes?

Maybe so, according to Rachel Rayburn and Jim Wright of UCF’s sociology department, whose paper on the topic was published in Society (July-August 2009).

They posted photos of 24 registered sex offenders towww.hotornot.com, where anonymous participants ranked the attractiveness of each one. The 24 offenders were a random sample of 12 men who had committed only a single non-violent sexual offense and a second random sample of 12 men who had committed multiple violent sexual offenses. Raters knew nothing about the men, their offenses, or the study.

The non-violent group had a mean attractiveness score of 6.74 (on a scale from one to ten), significantly different from the mean of 5.79 registered for the violent group.

“More violent sex offenders are significantly uglier than less violent offenders,” they write, perhaps because of greater aggression born from a lifetime of discrimination on the basis of physical appearance.

A news item on the paper appeared under the title “Face of Crime” in the Wilson Quarterly, Autumn, 2009, p. 13.