How do I become a club member?

Contact a club officer or attend the next available meeting. Dues are $10 for Spring semester, $20 for fall, and $25 for the whole year.  You will also need to fill out a membership form, which will be provided by the active treasurer during club meetings. Note that the club is not active during the summer semester, although officers may choose to host study sessions or social gatherings at their own discretion for no extra cost to members that have paid their Spring dues.

Why become a club member?

After becoming a member of Actuarial Science Club, you can participate in club activities and use the club library. You will have exclusive access to actuarial job and internship opportunities and receive help in curating an actuarial network.

How are exams administered?

Exams are offered through the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). Eventually, you will have to pick a society based on the field of work you wish to go in to, but the first few exams are interchangeable between the societies so you will not need to make the decision prior to graduation. When sit for an exam, you must register for that particular exam and pay a fee before the deadline. For specific information about exams, please check out our Exam link as well as the SOA and CAS websites.

When and where should the exams be taken?

Exams are offered throughout the year, with varying frequencies depending on the exam you need to take. More information regarding dates and information on the testing process can be found at the following http://beanactuary.org/exams/cbt.cfm. Exams should be taken at the Prometric test center nearest you. The closest one to UCF is in Maitland.

How many exams should I take while in school?

It is up to each student to determine how many exams to take and pass while attending school. Generally, college graduates should aim to pass two or three before graduation. Some students may pass up to four exams if they have a good background in the course material. But we would recommend you pass at least one exam to get an internship, and at least 2 for a job. The UCF Actuarial Science Minor (and upcoming major) include courses designed to help prepare you for 5 of the preliminary exams.