Michael Johnson

Dean for College of Science

University of Central Florida

Email     Michael.Johnson@ucf.edu
Phone     407-823-1911

Dr. Michael Johnson was named dean for the College of Sciences in August 2011. Formerly an associate dean in the College of Sciences and a professor of physics, he was responsible for research, graduate studies, faculty and staff relations, planning, and assessment in the college. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Virginia, and came to UCF in 1990 following postdocs at the University of Kentucky and Indiana University. His research is in theoretical condensed matter physics. He has investigated integrable one-dimensional quantum systems, nonlinear optical properties of solids, fractional statistics, and pattern formation in complex fluids. His recent work focuses on electronic properties in highly correlated and nanoscale systems, including quantum dots in the fractional quantum Hall regime and high-current non-equilibrium electron transport.