Addition Financial Credit Union (AFCU) FAQ

      1. I noticed that all the records in the dataset that have 70-89 DelinquentDaysCount are also the ones where Target == 1. Vice versa, where Target == 0, there are no records where DelinquentDaysCount is in that range. Why can’t we just use that to predict since that’s what you are looking for.

        You may choose whatever logic you would like to proceed with your analysis.

      2. Also are the cycles only when the minimum payment has been made and resets? I noticed that there are many in the 2nd Cycle that have zeroes in the first cycle. That can only be possible if they are currently in the 2nd cycle and it hasn’t reset.

        Cycles are a fixed date period (a month).  I believe those records where there is data in the 2nd cycle, but a zero in the first cycle is a data issue.  How you choose to handle that situation is up to you.

      3. I’m writing this email regarding the ML 2022-23 Credit Card Delinquency Competition. We’re interested in working on it but couldn’t find the aforementioned “Data dictionary” that describes the data, please let me know where we can find it.

        The data dictionary is on the file labeled -> “Addition FI 2022 Credit Card Charge-off Competition_Description” which is available on the competition website: