April 28, 2023

Faculty Research Excellence AwardS

These annual awards recognize research and creative work. Chairs and directors will have an opportunity to nominate faculty from their unit. See below for more information:

  • Awards include multiple categories adjusted depending on the nominations received.
  • Winners will receive a certificate and a small gift.
  • Recognition event will be held every fall.
  • Not all nominees will receive an award.
  • Award does not include financial incentive.

Award Winners

Please reference the COS Research and Facilities Annual Report 2021-2022 flipbook below for the full list of winners of each of the following awards:

  • UCF Strategic Program Awards – Page 14
  • Top Awards – Page 18
  • Top Collaborative Awards – Page 19
  • Career Awards – Page 19
  • Top Awards from Various Sponsor Types – Page 20
  • Top Equipment Award – Page 21