February 2, 2023

Request an Ambassador

Please use the button below to request the participation of the College of Sciences Student Ambassadors at a university, college, department, school or program-sponsored event.

Requests for participation need to be made a minimum of six weeks prior to the scheduled event. If you have an ideal opportunity that needs to be considered in a shorter period of time, please contact COSAmbassador@ucf.edu directly for options.

The COS Student Ambassadors are representatives of the college’s student body and their engagement in your event not only provides them with a professional development opportunity but also provides an opportunity for your event to have quality student representation.

For the COS Student Ambassadors’ time, we expect that the event will provide an opportunity for them to interact with VIP guests or donors or will provide them the opportunities to engage with a broad population of individuals (e.g., students from multiple disciplines, faculty and university administration, the public, etc.).

Please note that requests for the involvement of the COS Student Ambassadors where they are expected to provide behind-the-scenes help or requests for labor will NOT be approved (for example, set-up or break-down of events including aspects such as transporting items, clean-up, maintenance, etc.).

Request an Ambassador