Contact: Carlos Baez
Phone: (407) 823-5151 

Updated: September 14, 2020


The Quarterly Financial Status Report is generated by the College’s Budget Manager and sent to Seresa Cruz, and the budget liaisons and Chairs/Directors, for review and inputs.

Said reports will be discussed in the next Chairs/Directors meeting.

When are the reports due?

The following is the schedule for COS for each quarterly review.  The report should be sent to after it has been reviewed by the chair/director.

Quarter            Months                        Run Reports*                  Report Date                DUE to COS
1st                    July-September               Oct 4                           As of Sept. 30                 Oct 15
2nd                   October-December         Jan 4                            As of Dec. 31                  Jan 15
3rd                    January-March                April 4                          As of Mar. 31                 April 15
4th                    April-June                        July 4                           As of June 30                 July 15

*This is not a final date; it is our guestimate. You will receive an email from F&A (Financial Services) when F&A has completed all of the month end processes.