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Salary Workbook
Acadeic Year Compensation Schedules
Requesting Changes


Salary Workbook

The salary workbook provides each unit with a complete list of all faculty, staff, affiliates, and OPS employees. Within the salary workbook are the compensation schedules for all faculty, joint appointments, and staff, which track the employees funding arrangement for the academic and summer semesters (9-month faculty) or fiscal year (12-month faculty and staff).

The salary workbook also contains reports available to the unit.

       • Affiliate Report – contains a list of all affiliates, faculty and staff. The information is in a pivot              table and columns may be added, removed, and/or filtered.
       • OPS Report – contains a list of all currently active OPS employees by semester (fall, spring,              summer). The report will be updated by the middle of each fall and spring semester and twice            in the summer. This report is in a table and the columns can be filtered. Please do not remove            any columns in this report. If you would like to add any columns, please ensure you put them at          the end of the existing table.

Academic Year Compensation Schedules
Although called academic year compensation schedules, for 12-month faculty and staff positions, this schedule tracks the employees funding for the entire fiscal year. For 9-month faculty, this compensation schedule tracks the funding arrangement only for the current academic year. For compensation in the summer semester, the funding arrangement can be found on their summer compensation schedule located in the same workbook. More information on summer is found below.

For a complete list of college deadlines associated with the academic year, see the COS HR Timeline PDF document located in the ALL UNITS shared folder.

Processing Steps

       • When the salary workbook is released to the unit for the upcoming year, they are pre-loaded              with the employee’s baseline funding arrangement. This pre-load takes into consideration any            special funding arrangements already known to the college (i.e. funding distribution                            arrangements).
       • Once released, the units should review the funding arrangements recorded in the                                compensation schedules. If a different funding arrangement is necessary, submit the                          appropriate forms to COS Admin (i.e. buyout request form, C&G compensation schedule                    change, etc.).
o If the unit feels there is an error on the compensation schedule, contact the college.
o The college will review the form and once approved, the compensation schedule is                              updated and the necessary action items determined. Note: for faculty positions, the                            action items can only be determined once the returning agreement is received from the                      university (see next bullet for more information.
       • For 9 and 12-month faculty, they will receive a returning agreement prior to the start of the              academic year. Once received, the college will match each agreement to the corresponding                compensation schedule to determine the necessary action items. Again, this will take into                  consideration any special funding arrangements already known to the college. Please see                  the bullet directly above if any changes are needed to the schedule.
o More information regarding this can be found in the returning academic year agreements                    page of this website.
• For staff positions, the action items are determined as changes are received.


Summer Compensation Schedules
If a 9-month faculty member will receive compensation in the summer, that information is recorded on their summer compensation schedule, located in the same salary workbook slightly to the right of their academic year schedule.

For a complete list of college deadlines associated with the summer semester, see the COS HR Timeline PDF document located in the ALL UNITS shared folder.

Processing Steps

• The summer budget, planning worksheet (teaching assignments), and summer compensation            schedules are released to the unit. Note: the summer compensation schedules do remain                  unlocked throughout the academic year if the unit would like to look at different summer funding        scenarios. Nothing will be “locked in” until the unit official submits the summer compensation              schedule to the college for review.
• The planning worksheet with the summer teaching assignments will be returned to the college            and undergo a review. Once that review is complete, the college will add all approved teaching          assignments to the appropriate compensation schedule.
• Simultaneously, the unit will work on collecting any other summer assignments and include that on     the faculty member’s schedule.
• Once the compensation schedule is finalized, the unit should email it to COS Admin to initiate the       college review process. Note: if a faculty member is teaching and has another assignment, please     wait to submit the compensation schedule until the teaching assignment has been added by the        college.
• All 9-month faculty with a summer assignment will receive a supplemental summer agreement.     Once those are received in the college, they are matched to the compensation schedule and action items are determined.
o If a change is submitted after agreements are already issued and no agreement was originally requested for the individual, the college will request one once the change is approved.
o More information about supplemental summer agreements can be found in the summer supplemental agreement section of this website.
• After the published college deadline for compensation schedule submissions, all summer compensation schedules will be locked and any changes after that point must follow the compensation schedule change process (more information on that below)

Compensation Schedule Changes

For C&G faculty and for all 9-month faculty with a summer assignment, any changes to the compensation schedule should follow the process outlined below. For all other changes, the compensation schedule is updated when the appropriate form is submitted to COS Admin for processing (i.e. buyout request form, FDA, etc.).

Processing Steps
• On the Table of Contents tab in the salary workbook, you will find a link to two unlocked compensation schedules (IR # 100 and 101).
• All yellow fields in that document should be unlocked. You will first want to enter the individual’s position number on the academic year compensation schedule. This will populate the Position Data area on both the academic year and summer schedules.
• After updating the position data, the funding arrangement can be added to the schedule.
o The entire compensation schedule, including the new additional compensation and the compensation that should not be changed must be included.
o You can include any notes, calculations, etc. in the “open area” section of the compensation schedule template.
• Print the change to PDF and email it to COS Admin.
• Any necessary action items will be determined by the college and recorded in the action items section of the compensation schedule. Anything labeled “D –“ are items the unit must complete. Anything labeled “C –“ are the colleges responsibility.
o Summer semester only – if a compensation schedule change is submitted for a 9-month faculty member who did not have a summer assignment previously, a supplemental summer agreement will be requested by the college and provided to the unit for implementation.
• The hiring unit is notified once the compensation schedule change is approved

Points of Contact
For any questions or concerns about your compensation schedules, please contact the following individual

Madeline Wayneeta Hollesha
Biology Anthropology UCF RESTORES
Chemistry Psychology Staff
Math Political Science
Physics Sociology
Statistics Lou Frey Institute
NCFS Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd (PMBF)
Dean’s Office