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Updated: January 28, 2015

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System Overview 
All employees who are instructor of records of a credit bearing class (with the exception of graduate contracts) must document their teaching qualifications.  At UCF this is done through the Faculty Qualifications Management System (FQMS) which is an online portal within PeopleSoft SA/HR.

FQMS Workflow


Definition/Contact Information

Additional Comments

GT Unit Originator

FQMS originator

GT Unit Authorizer

Chair/Director –
Department FQMS Approver  

GT College/VP Reviewer

College of Science Admin. (COS  Admin)
Hollesha Foster (Primary)
Madeline Byrne (backup)
Seresa Cruz (backup)

GT College/VP Authorizer


Jana Jasinski (

GT Academic Affairs Reviewer 2

Academic, Faculty, and International Affairs

Contact:  College of Sciences Admin. (COS Admin.)

GT Academic Affairs Authorizer

Academic, Faculty, and International Affairs

Contact:  College of Sciences Admin. (COS Admin.)


 Requesting Access

To request access to the FQMS system, the Chair/Director needs to send an email to Dr. Arlen Chase. The email should include the employee’s name, PID, and requested role (Department Originator or Department Approver).  Once access is granted, the hiring unit will be notified.  At the moment, there are no training requirements to receive access.  Once a semester, Academic, Faculty, and International Affairs holds an in person training session.  The dates and times of those sessions are sent to each hiring unit via email and those who would like to attend should confirm with COS which training session they will be attending.

Creating and Reviewing an FQMS

Originating an FQMS

Teaching Qualifications are submitted through an online portal accessed through PeopleSoft SA/HR.  Once in PeopleSoft SA/HR, go to Main Menu > FQMS Custom > FQMS eForms Home Page > Teaching Certification.  After accessing that page, the originator will need to search by discipline name and a list of results will appear.  After choosing the correct discipline, the system will prompt the user to then enter employee information.  From there, the originator should begin to enter the appropriate teaching qualification information.  For a complete guide on how to enter information into the FQMS, please see the Submitting an eFQMS Form manual, published by Academic, Faculty, and International Affairs.

Reviewing an FQMS

Once the FQMS Originator has completed entering the information into the system and clicks “submit,” the eForm should electronically be moved to the FQMS Unit Authorizers (chair/director) worklist.  At that time the chair/director can review the FQMS and determine whether it is ready to move to the college workflow or if it needs to go back to the originator for additional information.  For a complete guide on reviewing an FQMS, please see the Reviewing an eFQMS Form manual, published by Academic, Faculty, and International Affairs.

Attachment Requirements

When submitting an FQMS, the last step is to upload any required attachments.  All FQMS’s are required to have original, official transcripts (stamped by the individual opening the transcripts) scanned and attached.  If the transcripts are not attached, the FQMS will be recycled.  If the transcripts are from an international institution, a US Equivalency must also be attached (and stamped official).  For more information on Official Transcripts and US Equivalency, refer to the Official Transcript page on this Admin Site.

For employees being qualified with “other qualifications,” in addition to the transcripts a current CV must also be attached.

The naming convention preferred by Academic, Faculty, and International Affairs is [last name]_[first name]_[document name].

CIP Codes

For a complete list of CIP Codes, please visit Academic, Faculty and International Affairs website or click here

 Current Department Discipline Descriptions

To make a change to the DD submit an email to Jana Jasinski (