April 19, 2022

Services for Employees

Employee Assistance Program
877.240.6863 or HealthAdvocate.com/members

  • These services are confidential and anonymous.
  • With the EAP program, employees are provided with a network of experienced, professional counselors who help with virtually all types of personal problems: financial, addiction, psychological, burnout/stress, parenting/child concerns, marital, etc.

Injury Responsibilities for Supervisors
Workers’ Compensation Checklist: http://hr.ucf.edu/files/WorkersCompensationEEDeptChecklist.pdf

When an employee is injured while under your employment, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to respond and report (this has possible Workers’ Compensation implications). This includes student and contracted employees. If the employee was involved in an automobile accident while within the scope of their work, then a separate automobile accident report needs to be filed.

Even if the injury does not seem severe, it is necessary to file the “First Report of Injury” form. Many times an injury does not present itself as requiring medical attention until several hours or even days later.

Review and complete the “First Report of Injury” form to assist with the phone calls.


  • Immediately call 911.
  • Then follow steps of non-emergency

These steps need to be completed within 24 hours of the incident.

  1. Collect the following information:
    • Date, time, location of incident
    • Name, Address, Phone Number
    • Brief description of incident (1-3 sentences)
    • Extent of injuries
    • Staff or faculty member contact information
    • If possible, take photographs of the area or conditions that may have contributed to the injury or damage.
  2. Complete the “First Report of Injury” form. This will help you with the call to AmeriSys.
  3. Call 800-455-2079 (to report incident to AmeriSys)
    • Representative can offer recommendations and place to take injured person at no cost to employee
    • Complete the workers’ compensation process
  4. Complete Accident-Incident Report
  5. Call 407-823-2771 (to notify HR)
    • Will need to fax a copy of “First Report of Injury” and “Accident-Incident Report” forms
    • Fax: 407-823-1095

See Also:
Policy 3-402.1 Response to Job-Related Employee Illness or Injury
Automobile Accident Procedures https://compliance.ucf.edu/enterprise-risk-management/automobiles/