Former Members

Former Members

  Ian Kutch Ph.D. Student

(current position: Post-doc, Oregon State U)
Dissertation: The role of the Y-chromosome in shaping sexual dimorphism and immune function
  Danae Perry MS Student

(current position: Educational programs, Orlando Science Center)
Thesis:  Climate change and the evolvability of immune function
  Dana Davis MS Student

(current position: Genetic counseling, U of Alabama )
Thesis:  Trans-generational effects of population density on immunity
  Sydney Chechele Undergraduate Researcher Past Project: Y-chromosome’s influence on selection response
Grace Avecilla Honors in the Major

National Merit Scholar

Past project: The influence of seasonality on insect immune function using the Asian Citrus Psyllid
   Louisa Collins Undergraduate Researcher Past project: Cold temperature preference in bacterially infected fruit flies
   Tyler Whitman Undergraduate Researcher Past Project: Male mate choice for unparasitized females
Hasan Sevgili Visiting Professor Past Project: The influence of nuptial feeding and sperm transfer
on the immunological cost of reproduction
   Emily Copeland  MS Student

(Current Position: Biology HS Teacher)
Thesis: The influence of male age and parasitic infection on producing a dishonest sexual signal
 Preethi Radhakrishnan Postdoctoral Researcher

(Current Position: Professor @ City U of NY)
Project: Female immune response to mating and male ejaculate viability
Wade Winterhalter Postdoctoral Researcher Project: The biological response to climate change
Rachel King Undergraduate Researcher  Project: A jack of all trades.
Vivian Lee Undergraduate Researcher Past Project: Thermal environment shapes cuticle melanism and melanin-based immunity
 Julia Garnet Laboratory Technician
Cheryl Pinzone MS Student

(PhD genetics U of  Georgia)
Brian Ware Undergraduate Researcher
David Sindler Undergraduate Researcher
…And all of the other wonderful researchers who have devoted their energy in the pursuit of scientific truth