King CV (brief)

Contact Information
Dr. Joshua King
Biology Department
University of Central Florida

2004    Ph.D., Entomology, University of Florida
1998    M.A., Education, Tufts University
1997    B.S. Biology, Tufts University

Professional Experience

2023- Professor, Biology Department, University of Central Florida.
2020-22 Undergraduate Program Coordinator, University of Central Florida Biology
2015-23 Associate Professor, Biology Department, University of Central Florida.
2011-5 Assistant Professor, Biology Department, University of Central Florida.
2008-11 Assistant Professor. Biology Department, Central Connecticut State University. Coordinator, Professional Education Program (secondary education teaching certification), Biology Department, CCSU.
2005-08 Postdoctoral Associate. Biological Sciences, Florida State University.


2023-2027 National Science Foundation. The influence of ants on regional-scale soil carbon dynamics.

2022-2026 Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program. Synergistic impacts of widespread stressors on Threatened, Endangered, and at-risk species on Department of Defense lands of the southeastern US.

2018-22 USDA AFRI. Insect services and disservices: impacts of dung beetles and fire ants on central Florida ranchlands.

2016-20 Florida Fish and Wildlife Service. Eliminating fire ants around Florida Grasshopper Sparrow nests.

2015 Sea Turtle Grants Program. A rapid, non-toxic system for control of fire ants along Florida beaches, with special emphasis on Fort De Soto Park, Pinellas County, Florida.

2010-14   NSF DEB 1020415 Collaborative research: Community assembly in natural and disturbed ecosystems: testing the role of ecological sorting in ant community assembly. + REU supplements.
Conservation Biology and Conservation Biology Theory: Development and application of theory, principles, factual knowledge, and techniques of population ecology, community ecology, landscape ecology, biogeography, and systematics to the conservation of biodiversity.  4 credits. Graduate students.

Conservation Biology: A class room course focused on the science of conservation biology with an emphasis on the impact of humans on the environment.  3 credits. Undergraduate biology majors.


Current postdoctoral scholars:


Current graduate students:

Jenny Stewart

Kristyn Gorton

Amanda Jacobs

Past postdoctoral scholars:

Dr. Roisin Stanbrook

Past graduate students:

Abigail Johnson, MA (non-thesis) Summer 2022

Leo Ohyama, MA Biology Summer 2019

Philip Schadegg, MA Biology Fall 2019

Christen Steele, MA Biology Summer 2016

Hester Dingle, MA (non-thesis) Biology Spring 2016

Vinnie Coello, MA (non-thesis) Biology Spring 2016

Robert Clark, MA Biology Fall 2010.

Raquel Carson, MA Biology Summer 2010.

Professional Service

Associate editor, Ecological Entomology