Welcome to the Forensic Science Association of the University of Central Florida!


We are a pre-professional organization on campus that drives to unite the community of students fascinated by the field of forensics. No matter what major you are, as long as you have an interest in the subject, then we will be more than glad to have you here.

During our meetings, many guest speakers from the field come and talk to us about their work or research. We have had detectives, medical examiners, anthropologists, and more present intriguing case studies. Members will discover something new from every side of forensic science. And it’s not just forensic science the speakers talk about–some guests come from within the university to discuss graduate opportunities, resume building, and other helpful tips needed to have a successful academic and professional career.

OPD Detective Michael Moreschi
OPD Detective Michael Moreschi

One of our main goals as a club is to attend the annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences conference. Researchers from around the world travel to the States to exhibit current happenings in the various fields of forensics. There are 11 disciplines that AAFS recognizes: Anthropology, Criminalistics, Digital & Multimedia Sciences, Engineering Sciences, General, Jurisprudence, Odontology, Pathology/Biology, Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, Questioned Documents, and Toxicology. Attendees may stay in one section all day or listen to seminars from multiple areas of expertise. As such, the AAFS conference is more than an amazing opportunity for FSA members to delve deeper into the field(s) they are interested in. Not only is the conference a great place to learn, but it is also an invaluable chance to network with professionals from in and out of our country.

Every year, we select 16 of the most active members of our organization to travel to the AAFS conference, be it in Las Vegas, New Orleans, or right here in Orlando as it was in 2015!

AAFS conference in Seattle, Feb. 2018
FSA members at the AAFS conference in Seattle, Feb. 2018

In addition to guest speakers and going to the AAFS conference, FSA also reaches out to do many volunteer activities. We’ve gone to the Greenwood Cemetery for cleanup, Matanzas High School for a murder mystery event, United Against Poverty to assist with managing the food pantry, the Paws for Peace Walk to raise awareness for and end abuse…the list goes on! Perhaps the biggest event we volunteer for is UCF’s own STEM Day, a day entirely dedicated to educating and engaging young students in the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math. Hundreds and hundreds of kids ranging from elementary to high school come to experience what the forensics, chemistry, and physics departments have to offer. FSA runs demonstrations like UV tents, microscopy tables, blood presumptive tests, and fingerprinting.

Cleaning headstones at Greenwood Cemetery
Cleaning headstones at Greenwood Cemetery

Of course, FSA also relaxes with its members in fun socials! Whether it be forensics-related activities such as visiting the gun range or medical examiner’s office to view an autopsy, or simply hanging out by the pool or gathering for a movie night, we like to create a family within our club.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions about the Forensic Science Association!