Volume 3

vol3masscasPolicing and Mass Casualty Events:

Volume 3 of the Proceedings of the Futures Working Group

Edited by Joseph Schafer & Bernard Levin


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Edited by Joseph Schafer & Bernard Levi

A Word from the Chairman

John P. Jarvis


Bernard H. Levin & Joseph A. Schafer

An Analysis of Failure: Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Carl J. Jensen III

Bureaucratic Structures and Mass Casualty Events

Joseph A. Schafer

Beyond Hierarchies: Toward a Universal Crisis Network

Andreas Olligschlaeger

Net-Centric Crisis Response

Richard Myers & Thomas Cowper

Disaster at a Distance: Planning to Receive Long-Term Evacuations

Michael Buerger

The Role of the Media in Mass Casualty Events: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina

Alan Youngs

An Agency in Recovery

Karen Gardner

Stress and Psychological Effects

Bernard H. Levin & Joseph A. Schafer

Does Accreditation Help an Agency in Mass Casualty Events?

Gerald W. Konkler

A Path Forward for Policing

Gerald W. Konkler & Bernard H. Levin

Afterward: A Brief Note on Other Issues

Joseph A. Schafer & Bernard H. Levin