Volume 5

cybercrimeFuture Challenges of Cybercrime:
Volume 5 of the Proceedings of the Futures Working Group
Edited by Toby Finnie, Tom Petee and John Jarvis

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Edited By Toby Finnie, Tom Petee and John Jarvis

A Word from the Chairman

John Jarvis

Defining “Cyber-Crime”: Issues in Determing the Nature and Scope of Computer-Related Offenses

Thomas A. Petee, Lin Huff-Corzine, Joseph Schafer, John P.Jarvis, Janice Clifford Greg Weaver

Policing the Digital Environment

Toby Finnie

Cybercrime in the Year 2025

Gene Stephens

Street Crime in a Cashless Economy

Michael Buerger

Sociology of the Internet: Effects of Social Technology on Policing

John Jackson and Bud Levin

Insights into the Hacking Underground

Michael Bachmann and Jay Corzine


Jeri N. Roberts, Tina Jaeckle, Thomas A. Petee, and John P. Jarvis

What Role and Responsibility Does the Government Have in Protecting Consumer’s Right to Privacy/Security on the Internet?

Andy Bringuel and Wayne Rich

The Not-So-Distant Average School Day

Mary O’Dea and Wayne Rich

Police and the Military: Lessons LEarned and After Action Reports

Wayne Rich and Mary O’Dea

College-Level Education for Cyber Security

Jay Corzine

Seniors and Cyber Space

Wayne Rich

Protecting and Strengthening Societies

Jeff Frazier

Partnering With Others to Address Cyber Crime

Joseph Schafer and Bernard Levin

The Future of Cyber Crime

Earl Moulton