Volume 6

advancepoliceleadershipAdvancing Police Leadership: Considerations, Lessons Learned, and Preferable Futures
Volume 6 of the Proceedings of the Futures Working Group
Edited by Joseph Schafer & Sandy Boyd

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Edited by Joseph Schafer & Sandy Boyd

A Word from the Chairman

John P. Jarvis

On Leaders & Leadership: The On‐Going Dialogue within Policing

Joseph A. Schafer

Leadership in Crisis

Toby M. Finnie

The “Universality” of Leadership & Management in Policing

John P. Jarvis, Thomas A. Petee, & Lin Huff‐Corzine

Leadership’s Role in Shaping Organizational Culture: The Key to the Future

Marshall Jones

Generational Change within Law Enforcement

Jay Corzine, Tina Jaeckle, & Jeri Roberts

Essentials of a Futures‐Oriented Public Safety Leadership Development Course

Gene Stephens

Janus Leadership

Michael E. Buerger

Knowledge Retention and Management

Gerald Konkler

Leadership Development Creates Chiefs of Police

Alan Youngs

Tactical Science?

Sid Heal

Leadership and Opposing Force Networks

Robert J. Bunker

Leadership in the Net‐centric Organization

John Jackson, Richard Myers, & Thomas Cowper

The “Buffy Factor”: Vampires in Organizational Leadership

Michael Buerger, Greg Weaver, & Toby Finnie

Paths Forward: Developing and Expanding Effective Leadership in Policing

Joseph A. Schafer, John P. Jarvis, & Bernard H. Levin