Welcome to Xin Li’s Home Page!

Xin Li
Xin Li, Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32828
Email: Xin.Li@ucf.edu


TEACHING: Analysis I (MAA 5228, Fall 2013), Matrix & Linear Algebra (MAS 3105.6, Fall 2013)
RESEARCH: Approximation and Optimization (List of publications and preprints).

SERVICE: STATESS Project — With Mubarak Shah, Brian Moore and Niel Lobo, we obtained funding from the National Science Foundation to provide scholarship and mentorship to both undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, computer sciences, and related STEM fields. More information at the STATESS web site. All qualified incoming freshman undergraduates, first year transfer students, or beginning graduate students are encouraged to apply.

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