Zi-Xia Song, Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Central Florida
Office Location: MSB 311
Phone Number: (407) 823-6284
Fax: (407) 823-6254
Email: Zixia.Song at ucf.edu


Summary Information

I received my Ph.D from Georgia Tech in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization, under the supervision of Robin Thomas. Before coming to UCF, I was a Zassenhaus Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University for one year.

My mathematical interest is in Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Optimization and Algorithms. My current research interests mainly focus on Hadwiger’s conjecture and its related problems; Ramsey related problems (including  size of  co-critical graphs and Gallai-Ramsey numbers of graphs); Erdos-Lovasz Tihany conjecture; Star edge-colorings; and Turan numbers and  anti-Ramsey numbers of graphs when host graphs are planar graphs.

My work is currently supported by the National Science Foundation  under Grant No. DMS-2153945;  and in the past  by the National Science Foundation   under Grant No. DMS-1854903, and the National Security Agency under Grant No. H98230-09-1-0055.

I am an Associate Editor of Discrete Mathematics.