Research Group Members


Professor Richard G. Blair


Cluster for the Rational Design of Catalysts for Energy Applications and Propulsion
Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research (CATER)
Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, University of California, Los Angeles

Synthesis of Inorganic Materials with an eye on applications in aerospace, optics and chemical feedstock. Examination of the kinetics and mechanism of solid-solid reactions. Development of Forensic analytical methods related to single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction.

Graduate Students


toddJacob Todd
B.S. – Criminal Justice; Ferris State University, 2005
B.A. – Chemistry; Ferris State University, 2008
A.A. – Chemical Technology; Ferris State University, 2008
Expected Graduation Date May 2017




nashDavid Nash
B.S. – Chemistry; University of Central Florida, 2011
Expected Graduation Date May 2017




Undergraduate Students


Visiting Scholars

siddhantiDeepti Siddhanti