Exploration of novel quantum materials

Project Title: Exploration of novel quantum materials

Principle Investigator: Yasuyuki Nakajima

Superconductivity (upper left) plus topology (upper right) gives novel quantum excitations called “Marjorana fermions” (lower panel).

Project Description:
Research projects conducted in the Nakajima group focus on design, crystal growth and characterization of novel quantum materials, such as topological insulators and/or semimetals, superconductors, and strongly correlated systems, applicable to new technologies, including quantum computing and spintronics. Particularly, the primary goal of this project is to elucidate the transport and thermodynamic properties of topological superconductors by utilizing single crystal growth and low temperature measurements in the millikelvin temperature range, for the application of quantum devices.

Successful applicants interested in conducting summer projects within this group will work closely with graduate students to carry out reaserach related to materials synthesis and characterization of topological materials. Such projects are likely to focus on: (1) single crystal growth of topological superconductors by metallic flux method; (2) very low temperature charge and/or heat transport measurements of topological superconductors in the millikelvin range under high magnetic field up to 14T; (3) development of high precision thermodynamic measurements in millikelvin range to investigate the exotic superconducting properties in topological materials. The ultimate specifics of the project will be determined on the basis of student interests and group needs at the time of the program. In addition to contributing to scientific objectives, the successful applicant will also gain valuable experience in materials synthesis, vacuum technology, and cryogenic techniques.