Conference Schedule

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Friday 18th January, 2013

11:00-12:00pm Optional Talk: Ellen Williams, COS Distinguished Speaker Series

3:00pm Registration Opens

3:15-3:30pm Conference Opening

3:30-3:50pm Welcome Speech, Associate Dean Teresa Dorman

3:50-4:20pm Roxanne Hughes

4:20-4:50pm Susan Blessing

4:50-5:10pm Coffee Break

5:10-5:40pm Laurie McNeil

5:40-6:10pm Deborah Aruguete

6:10-6:40pm Talat Rahman

6:40-8:10pm Dinner and Panel: Status of Women in Physics

8:10-9:00pm Science Cafe

9:00-10:00pm Astronomy Night at UCF Robinson Observatory

Saturday 19th January, 2013

8:30-10:00am Breakfast and Panel: Minorities in Physics

10:00-10:30am Marta Dark McNeese

10:30-11:00am Cecille Labuda

11:00-11:30am Niescja Turner

11:30-12:10am Ellen Williams

12:10-1:50pm Lunch and Panel: Careers in Physics

2:00-3:30pm Keynote Speaker, Margaret Murnane

3:30-4:00pm Group Photo

4:00-4:30pm Shelia Nash-Stevenson

4:30-5:15pm Workshops

5:15-5:30pm Coffee Break

5:30-6:15pm Workshops

7:00-8:30pm Dinner and Panel: Graduate School

8:30pm Focus Group

Sunday 20th January, 2013

8:30-10:30am Breakfast and Panel: Undergraduate Research

10:30-11:30am Student Talks

11:30-1:30pm Student Posters / Graduate School and Industry Fair

1:30-3:00pm Picnic Lunch at the Reflecting Pond

2:00-3:00pm Focus Group

3:00-5:00pm UCF Lab Tours