Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy

Our group is interested in pushing the limits of nanoscale metrology to attain quantitative subsurface imaging with sub-10nm lateral and depth resolution. In addition we are looking to understand the physical information contained in the images (i.e., density, stiffness, etc).

The nonlinear force between the AFM tip and the sample mixes multiple forcings applied to the system. The sum and difference frequency mode generation resulting from this process provides some information about the subsurface and other properties of the sample. Our goal is to understand the role of the different parameters used during this process on the mechanisms of image formation.

Our Team’s accomplishments

  • Demonstrated that it is possible to combine acoustic and Atomic Force Microscopy to probe nanoscale features underneath the surface nondestructively

  • Showed 3D reconstruction is possible using this approach (similar to confocal imaging)

  • Established some connections between MSAFM signals and mechanical properties of the samples

  • 2010: R&D100 award for Mode Synthesizing Imaging

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