Diversity inspires creativity in many ways. Our team has a broad range of expertise which contributes to our innovative endeavors. One of our goals is to inspire early career researchers to explore their scientific ideas to make an impact on sustainability.

We welcome highly motivated students to contact any of our team members to learn about our research activities and research opportunities.

Current members

Dr. Laurene Tetard

Associate Professor
NanoScience Technology Center
Physics Department
Secondary appointment in the Material Sciences Engineering
Secondary appointment in CREOL

Associate Chair of the Physics Department

Teaching activities
Guntis Rutins (2021-present) – MS in Nanotechnology ’22 (Thesis)
Now PhD student in CREOL
Past Degrees: B.S. in Optics, M.S, in Nanotechnology
Research Interests: Plasmonics, nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy, nanofabrication
Current Project Description: Techniques for Broadband Frequency Signal Enhancement in atomic force microscopy through use of plasmonic structures
Rebecca Young-Reddin (2020-present)
Now PhD student in Physics
Past Degrees: B.S. in Physics
Research Interests: Atomic force microscopy, imaging, instrumentation, biophysics
Current Project Description: Quantifying the probing depth of nanoIR spectroscopy

Federico Rivas (2021-present)
Now PhD student in Physics
Past Degrees: B.S. in Physics
Research Interests: physics, light-matter interaction, nanoscale characterization
Current Project Description: Light-driven nano- and micro-manipulation for 3D carbon microprinting
Saqib Shahzad (2021-present)
Now PhD candidate in Material Science and Engineering
Past Degrees: B.S. in Physics (Gold Medal) from the University of Karachi, Pakistan; M.Phil. in Physics
Research Interests: material science, characterization, catalysis, solid state physics, experimental techniques
Current Project Description: Studying Pyrolants as an energy source for space missions (a project funded by NASA and the Florida space institute carried out in Dr. Blair’s group)

Former members

McKenna Williams (2022) – BS in Health Sciences

Dr. Fernand Torres-Davila (2016-2021) – MS and PhD in Physics
Now employed at Honeywell

Dr. Karima Lasri (2018, 2020-2021) – Postdoctoral fellow

Chance Barrett (2016-2021) – MS in Physics
Now employed at Nanospective

Briana Lee (2014-2021) – BS in Health Sciences, MS in Nanotechnology (Thesis)
Now employed at the UR Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Dr. Raphael Coste (2016-2021) – PhD in Physics
Now employed at French National Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE) | INRAE ยท Fractionnement des AgroRessources et Environnement (FARE)

Khadijah Wright (2019-2020) – BS in Physics (Honors in the Major Thesis)
Now J.D. Candidate at Florida A&M University, College of Law

Nicholas Ciaffone (2016-2018) – MS in Nanotechnology (Thesis)
Now employed at Reynolds American Inc.

Dr. Negar Otrooshi (2014-2019) – PhD in Physics
Now employed at NIST

Dr. Yi Ding (2014-2019) – PhD in Material Science Engineering
Now employed at Bruker Nano Surfaces

Dr. Mikhael Soliman (2014-2018) – PhD in Material Science Engineering
Now employed at Orange County Public School System, Seminole State College

Ahmad Khater (2017-2019) – BS in Chemistry

Angela Corrigan (2014-2017) – BS in Biomedical Sciences
Now PhD student at University of Pennsylvania, Cell and Molecular Biology

Eric Calkins (2013-2015), BS in Physics, MS in Nanotechnology

Brandon Wolfson (2013-2015), BS in Health Sciences