Attack of the Gravitational Wave!

We’re back with a Nobel-Prize-winning episode (in that we discuss something that will win a Nobel prize)! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, two big black holes (no jokes, please) collided with each other releasing a ginormous amount of energy that has propagated across the universe as the tiniest stretching and jiggling of space itself. Jim Cooney joins Josh and Addie to talk about the first direct detection of the waving of space-time (in other words, gravitational waves).

After listening to our episode here you will understand everything, but if you want to read more to kill time (or make time wave), here are some other good sources of information on gravitational waves.

Scientific American article.

Science Magazine

Good general explanation of gravitational waves.

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  1. Charles Michael Turner
    April 21, 2016

    The formula, EINSTEIN’S elusive formula connecting quantum mechanics is the following energy transfer ratio
    The creation of Ripples of space energy(S)= A decrease in the photon energy within mass (dipole energy loss) times the vacuum speed of light (c) raised to the THIRD POWER. Substituting mc^2 for e, the final equation is S=MC^5.
    Now just one little correction, the ripples of spacetime are not created by shaking the medium but by creating more medium. The photon’s energy from the sun replaces the loss of energy into gravitational wave energy and this creates static equalibrium of mass which allows a stable environment. This energy replacement is one Photon of set energy = a volume of spaceTime x C^3. It is a continuous process. SpaceTime, Gravity, dark matter and dark energy are aspects of mass based energy decay into baseline lowest energy and identical three dimensional waves following Newton’s laws of motion. So Newton’s laws of motion apply to space itself. The third law is gravity, dark matter, any gravitational lensing even from galactic wavefront formations which is called dark matter gravitational lensing. This Expanding N.E.T. wave theory explains unknown phenomenon in many simple ways.

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